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Wrapped in Fun!

Happy Handles |Pickleball Grip | Beach Vibes | Ambassador

Happy Handles |Pickleball Grip | Beach Vibes | Ambassador

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Get wrapped in fun and upgrade your pickleball grip with Happy Handles!

Say goodbye to boring grips and showcase your personality on the court. These grips add personality and fun while providing a comfortable, reliable hold. 

Styled for Swagger: Stand out with cheerful designs.

Textured for Traction: Grip enhances control and maneuverability.

Wrap with Ease: Simple to install with our how-to video.

Universal Fit: Fits any pickleball paddle, perfect for all players.

Built to Last: Advanced materials ensure durability.

Comfortable Play: Enjoy extended play with unparalleled comfort.

Bring energy, fun & excitement to every game with Happy Handles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sandra K.
5* grip

Can't get over what a change in my grip this made. I can see my paddle from a distance now

Mary M.
New grip

Put on the new grip, and amazing!

Amelia C.
Happy handle!

for the win!!!!

Liam R.

Wasn't sure about these grips at first, but they've won me over (I got the flamingos grip). Great feel, not impacted by sweat and adds a fun touch to my game. My pickleball buddies always know which paddle is mine.

Liz P.
Easy to put on

Watched the video, and it was easier to put on than I thought.