Cheers Pickleball creates a positive impact, one hat at a time, providing clean water to vulnerable communities.

Cheers Pickleball - Each Hats = Donation to Clean Water

Your Impact

With every purchase you make, Cheers will donate a year's supply of clean water to someone in need.

In fulfilling our mission to view the world globally & help those most in need, we're committed to making clean water more accessible everywhere.

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Cheers Pickleball - Providing Clean Water

Why Clean Water Matters

780 million people worldwide lack access to clean, safe drinking water, which leads to a variety of health and economic issues such as disease, infant mortality, and lack of education exist.

  • Waterborne diseases kill 1,000 children each day, more than AIDS and Malaria combined.
  • On average, women and children spend 6-8 hours each day walking to fetch water.
  • However, safe drinking water can reduce disease rates up to 88%.

Thirst Project

Thirst Project are committed to tackling the global water crisis. This work helps provide communities with sustainable clean water supplies by building local water wells and provides residents with the skills required to maintain them.

Thirst Project has funded nearly 2,000 water projects in 13 countries, making clean water available to over 500,000 people. But, there's a lot more work to do!

Providing Hope Together

By partnering with The Thirst Project, we're not just providing
resources – we're nourishing hope, fostering health, and uplifting communities.